The Spiritual trait is one of the positive traits of the leaders.

Effects Edit

  • +2 happiness in cities with state religion
  • +3 unhappiness per non-state Religion in a city
  • 100% reduction to Anarchy time from State Religion changes
  • +1 coin from Priest in all cities
  • -1 science from Scientist in all cities
  • +30% Great Leader birth rate in cities with state Religion
  • Cities with state Religion construct buildings +15% faster
  • Double production speed of Temple
  • 10% faster production of Cathedral, Pantheon
  • 25% faster production of Monastery, Monastery II
  • 10% faster production of Temple of Osiris, Temple of Isis, Temple of Set
  • Double production speed of Graveyard, Candlemaker's Shop, Seminary, Universal Church
  • 50% faster production of Tumulus
  • Double production speed of Ziggurat, Mausoleum
  • +1 happiness from Jewish Monastery, Christian Monastery, Islamic Monastery, Hindu Monastery, Buddhist Monastery, Confucian Monastery, Taoist Monastery, Hellenic Gymnasia, Zoroastrian Shrine, Temple of Chons, Calmacec, Andean Monastery, Asatru Monastery, Baha'i Monastery, Nature Circle of Power, Jain Monastery, Temple of An, LDS Missionary Training Centre, Scientology Monastery, Invocation Hut, Shinto Monastery, Divine Monument